My Humble Plea to the Smug Atheist

ImageGrowing up, science was a great passion of mine. I graduated with a bachelor’s in Applied Science with an emphasis in Aviation Technologies. I’ve studied biology, chemistry, physics, and geology just for fun.  But something happened along the way to the cockpit. I became a Christian and devoted my life to teaching life to the living and bringing hope to the dying. And in the last few years, I have seen a shift in the perception of “people of faith.” Continue reading “My Humble Plea to the Smug Atheist”

Fighting the Poverty Mentality

I’m not sure where it came from, but I battled what I call “minimal thinking” most of my life. My parents and others spotted it in me early. They tried to help, but it took God to finally help me grow beyond it. I have learned to see this as a combination of a poor understanding of the nature of God, a poor understanding of who He made me to be, and a combination of laziness and selfishness which all amounted to poor stewardship. Allow me to share with you some things I have learned that may help you or someone you know. Continue reading “Fighting the Poverty Mentality”

To Catch a Thief


One of the greatest things I’ve ever learned is that sin – trying to get your needs and desires met apart from God’s will – steals the very thing you seek. Every sinful action is a losing transaction, it gives you a dime’s worth of pleasure but steals a dollar’s worth of your life. Pornography is a perfect example. Experts from various worldviews are coming to see this epidemic as harmful. Sadly, many of the girls I work with are resigned to a porn addicted man. Continue reading “To Catch a Thief”

Leader or Not…Here You Come!

Boys and wood

As a pastor for the last couple of decades, I have worked with hundreds of families. I have learned from great men and women who gave great examples of leadership in their homes. I have also had a front row seat to the pain and generational chaos resulting from poor leadership. Continue reading “Leader or Not…Here You Come!”

How to Succeed Without a Lead Pipe


In honor of the twenty year anniversary of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, I share with you how to do life without a lead pipe.  If you recall, at the U.S. figure skating championships in – of all places – Detroit, MI, Nancy Kerrigan was walking off the practice ice when a goon, hired by rival skater Tonya Harding’s husband, whacked her in the knee with a pipe hoping to derail her Olympic dream while giving her rival a leg up. Continue reading “How to Succeed Without a Lead Pipe”

My Favorite Apps of 2013

As we put 2013 into our rear view mirror, I think it will be fun to share my favorite apps of 2013. I am not passionate about techy things. I don’t like to spend hours talking about the latest phones or computers. In order for me to adopt any technology, it has to be simple and add value to my life. Below, I list a few of the apps I used most in 2013. First is the app I love to hate or hate to love. Continue reading “My Favorite Apps of 2013”

A Commercial Pilot’s Guide to Reaching Your Destinations in 2014


Each New Year millions of people set goals and make resolutions. And each year, most fail to realize their dreams. As a commercial pilot and a flight instructor, I was trained to move people from point A to point B. What I learned in flight school has helped me reach goals in every other area of my life. Allow me to share a few insights. Continue reading “A Commercial Pilot’s Guide to Reaching Your Destinations in 2014”