7 Reasons Why You Should (And Shouldn’t) Be More Judgmental

ImageThe last twenty years have brought us a tide of sentiment into our world that recites the mantra, “Don’t judge me.” Along with that core statement come many iterations of the same: “Tolerate,” “I can’t tolerate intolerance.” “Who are you to judge?” “Don’t be hatin.” We usually precede these words with a lot of emotion, passion, and well…judgment. Continue reading “7 Reasons Why You Should (And Shouldn’t) Be More Judgmental”

We Can Never Be Royal?


Last week teenage sensation Lorde (aka Ella Yelich-O’Connor) and her song “Royals” won song of the year. While I’m not a rabid follower of the culture’s music scene for I find it disconnected from reality, I found Royals an intriguing mix of haunting harmonies, materialistic backlash, and generational resignation. Hidden beneath the fantastically produced song, I found a message that saddened me. Continue reading “We Can Never Be Royal?”