The Secret to Success: The Farmer’s Tan

farmers_tan_3I live in a beach community. I spent three summers as a life-guard at a public beach. I watched people come out and enjoy the sun and the surf. I loved it!  When I was in high-school, our spring break corresponded with the end of winter. Those who could afford it, went on a pilgrimage to a southern state for the week. When school started again, nothing said, “You’ve arrived” like the bronzed skin of those who migrated south of the Mason Dixon line. However, now that I’ve got a few more miles under my belt, I’ve come to value a different kind of tan – the farmers tan! Yes! When I see a young person take off their shirt on the beach and it looks like they still have a light colored shirt on, I say to myself – “There’s a kid I can admire.” Continue reading “The Secret to Success: The Farmer’s Tan”