Finding Vision


While working as a youth pastor, I attended a fair amount of high-school graduation ceremonies. I took interest in class themes and commencement speeches. One senior class theme stunned me however. Not because it was crass or somehow offensive but because of what it stood for – nothing. It represented one of the greatest deficits of this generation – vision. The senior motto proclaimed, “We’re here, we’re not somewhere else, so we might as well be doing what we’re doing.” Exciting isn’t it? Continue reading “Finding Vision”

Why Learn Algebra? The Secrets of Education That No One Told You

Sad and Bored Schoolboy

As we enter the back-to-school season, I want to address an all-too-common attitude that derails the academic experience for many students. I was the expert in this mindset so I know it well. I call it the “just get the grade (or credits)” attitude. This attitude is formed when a student does not understand the larger purpose of an education. They filter their future through the lens of their very limited life experience. One can spot this attitude by the words students use to describe their school experience. Common phrases include, “Why do I have to learn this?” “When will I ever use this?” “This is so dumb.” Continue reading “Why Learn Algebra? The Secrets of Education That No One Told You”