The Broken Artist (Excerpted from God and Your Talent: Creating Great Art for the Glory of God.)


In A Tale of Three Kings, Gene Edwards asks a question every artist needs to memorize. “What does God need more, gifted men outwardly empowered or broken men inwardly transformed?”

God cares about your talent; he gave it to you.  But compared to how much he loves you, it’s meaningless. Like running a car without oil, too many people try to minister out of their talent instead of ministering out of an overflow relationship with their Creator.

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Create! Create! Create!

Young boy painting piano keys with brush.

Creativity is part of your destiny. Essence precedes existence. You are essentially human. Being human comes with its own baggage, but it also comes with a tremendous inheritance. Your Creator had you in mind before you were born. He thought of your humanness before you were human. Your essence preceded your existence in the heart and mind of God. You are an image bearer.

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“Because I said so!” Translated

Confused teenager with eyes wide open. Horizontal orientation background.

Learning to Speak Adult

As a child, I made a list of things I would not do when I became a parent. One of those despised things was using the dreaded phrase,  “Because I said so!”   But sure enough, it has slipped through my lips on more than one occasion.

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