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I’m Married to the Pastor

“What were you ever thinking going into ministry?” As a pastor’s wife, have you ever asked yourself that question? Or maybe the better question: “What was God thinking?”

Sometimes it can feel as though He made a poor choice.

Ministry life and our ever-changing culture pose a constant challenge. As pressures from church, society, and family mount, it can be a struggle for ministry couples to find joy and learn to love their role as shepherds in the body of Christ. Pastor’s wives face special challenges. Too many women struggle with insecurities, fear and pain from rejection, and a burden of intimidation believing that they are making a mess of ministry life while married to the man they love.

Help! I’m Married to the Pastor is an authentic book of encouragement combined with a heart-felt reminder of the importance of the role of the pastor’s wife. A collection of personal experiences, life-giving scripture, and practical strategies for both the newly appointed and seasoned pastor’s wife, it seeks to answer the questions many pastor’s wives may be afraid to ask about navigating those challenges; all the while helping them discover that there is joy to be found in serving the body of Christ.

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What otheIMG_3159rs are saying….

“I have had the joy of knowing Kim & her husband Carey as fellow pastors for many years. They have served their church with integrity, love and excellence. Kim’s book gives us a look into those years of ministry, service and family life. She is transparent about the struggles and victories that she has faced, both in public and private. Best of all, she has demonstrated how to draw from God’s grace. Her ever growing faith in Him along her life journey is very inspiring to me!” Karen Hlavin, Pastor’s wife in Michigan

“Help! I’m Married to the Pastor is an insightful tool for women in ministry in any capacity. Author, Kimberly Waldie, shares foundational truths from the Scriptures coupled with her twenty-plus years of ministry experience that will admonish and encourage every reader. It is as if you are having a cup of coffee with her and one-on-one Kimberly is downloading in to you insight on ministry, marriage, parenting and even pitfalls. It is raw and real, just what every woman needs to hear. Do yourself, your ministry, your marriage and your family a favor and read this book, you will be glad you did.”  Pastor’s Wife in Cairo, Egypt


Wealth Creation

God has given you the ability to produce wealth. And you can GROW in this ability. Yet, too many people face income stagnation because they don’t know what to do. In this three part audio resource plus corresponding e-book, we give you insight into:

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  • What four areas of your life that must be managed in order to become more productive.
  • Five mistakes people make in setting goals
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