Trust me, I’m lying. Christmas and Fake News.

 Fake news is in the news this year. It’s being blamed for the Trump election and the general dumbing down of our populous. But fake news isn’t new. Not long after the birth of Christ, the Magi came to Herod’s palace just outside of Bethlehem to inquire as to the whereabouts of the newborn king.

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Baking the Socialist Pie

Recently, an older gentlemen asked me to give him insight into the mystery of the millennial generation supporting a Socialist like Bernie Sanders. “Why would anyone do that?” he asked, “Don’t they know their history?” I believe the groundswell of support for Bernie Sanders (accepting his own party’s leadership) is due in part to ignorance of history and economics.

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America! If I Could Give You One Gift for Your Birthday

Happy birthday, America! You have changed a lot over my lifetime. Quite a bit over the last few years actually. If I could give you a gift this year it would be to restore something that has been lost – the prophetic voice of the Christian church.

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God’s of Wax

As a pastor, I’m privileged to be a part of great moments in the lives of people. But I also get a front row seat to the pain of life. Much of it caused by people trying to break God’s laws. Instead, they end up breaking themselves against them.

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Expecting More From the Next Generation

Is it time to rethink our children and work? Adam LaRoche, a major league baseball player, just turned down $13 million dollars to play for the Chicago White Sox because they told him he couldn’t bring his 14 year old son to work with him as much anymore.

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“I Thank God for my Profane Art”

“First off, all glory to God, that’s for sure!” This is how Kendrick Lamar opened his Grammy Award winning speech. I don’t know Kendrick Lamar. He could be a great guy. However, he confuses me when he gives God glory for the album that profanes much of what God stands for!?

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Guarding the Mind of an Artist: Excerpted from God and Your Talent

The mind of an artist can be an interesting place. Artists throughout history have gained a reputation as tortured, volatile, and just plain crazy. These stereotypes however, don’t have to reflect the mind of a Christian artist. God has given us the mind of Christ. He has given us the gift of a sound mind.

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More Harriet, Less Beyonce

Pass the Salt Please.

Last Sunday’s Superbowl half-time performance Beyonce’ graced the stage and introduced the world to her song Formation. Film and culture critic, Anthony Weber, posed a great question: “Does the halftime show really need to point the world toward a song that includes the lyrics, “When he —- me good I take his — to Red Lobster, cause I slay”? Seriously, were there no other songs that might have been both entertaining and appropriate for a global market of all ages?”

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