The Thinking Atheist — an Oxymoron

I will often run across someone juxtaposing reason and religion as if they are mutually exclusive. “You have faith, I have reason.” As if to say, “Look you idiot, you can believe your archaic myths, but don’t bring that out into the real world. We need people who use their minds to rule this planet. We are just waiting for you to die out so we can have this place to ourselves.”

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My Humble Plea to the Smug Atheist

ImageGrowing up, science was a great passion of mine. I graduated with a bachelor’s in Applied Science with an emphasis in Aviation Technologies. I’ve studied biology, chemistry, physics, and geology just for fun.  But something happened along the way to the cockpit. I became a Christian and devoted my life to teaching life to the living and bringing hope to the dying. And in the last few years, I have seen a shift in the perception of “people of faith.” Continue reading “My Humble Plea to the Smug Atheist”