Trust me, I’m lying. Christmas and Fake News.

The most dangerous thing in the world.

 Fake news is in the news this year. It’s being blamed for the Trump election and the general dumbing down of our populous. But fake news isn’t new. Not long after the birth of Christ, the Magi came to Herod’s palace just outside of Bethlehem to inquire as to the whereabouts of the newborn king.

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America! If I Could Give You One Gift for Your Birthday


Happy birthday, America! You have changed a lot over my lifetime. Quite a bit over the last few years actually. If I could give you a gift this year it would be to restore something that has been lost – the prophetic voice of the Christian church.

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God’s of Wax


As a pastor, I’m privileged to be a part of great moments in the lives of people. But I also get a front row seat to the pain of life. Much of it caused by people trying to break God’s laws. Instead, they end up breaking themselves against them.

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Why Your Art is Boring; Excerpt from God and Your Talent

Fighting Temeraire

What is Art?

Art is hard to define. People can talk for hours about the definition of art. What is it? What isn’t it? The simplest and best definition of art is this: Continue reading “Why Your Art is Boring; Excerpt from God and Your Talent”

Guarding the Mind of an Artist: Excerpted from God and Your Talent


The mind of an artist can be an interesting place. Artists throughout history have gained a reputation as tortured, volatile, and just plain crazy. These stereotypes however, don’t have to reflect the mind of a Christian artist. God has given us the mind of Christ. He has given us the gift of a sound mind.

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A Birthday Wish for America

American Vintage Flag Abstract Background. USA Flag Concept Backdrop.

Dear America,

Happy 239th Birthday! You’ve been an interesting and unique experiment. Your first birthday was marked by a Declaration that laid the foundation for a nation unlike any other. Those signers of your first birthday card founded you upon the idea that rights came from God and the role of government was to preserve them for the people. Your peers thought that rights came from the rulers, kings, emperors and dictators. What a difference that idea makes.

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Discriminate? Judge?

Agressive man in the dark

With the recent events in Indiana and Arkansas regarding discrimination let’s take a look at the reason and logic and not just the emotion of the argument. Sometimes we generate more heat than light.

The last twenty years have brought us a tide of sentiment into our world that recites the mantra, “Don’t judge me.”

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Of Graves and Shadows


When I became a young man I desired to be dad. Something in me wanted to impart life-giving truths to the next generation. I wanted someone on my shoulders seeing farther than I did.  I however, never anticipated the moment I would find myself upon a hill in our family forest, digging a grave.  I dug and chopped through frost and root-laden soil to bury our long-time family friend, our golden retriever, Montana.

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Finding Your Place in the Nativity

Family Nativity

Nativity scenes have been a Christmas tradition for as long as I can remember.  They come in all shapes and sizes.

Today,  nativities are hotly contested.  Cities and townships battle all kinds of religious groups that want to make a point.  What point?  I’m not sure.  In Tallahassee, Florida this year, they created a “free speech zone” so various groups could put up different holiday expressions.  A Christian group put up a traditional nativity.  A group of Seinfeld worshipers put up a Festivus pole.

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