God’s of Wax

As a pastor, I’m privileged to be a part of great moments in the lives of people. But I also get a front row seat to the pain of life. Much of it caused by people trying to break God’s laws. Instead, they end up breaking themselves against them.

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Discriminate? Judge?

With the recent events in Indiana and Arkansas regarding discrimination let’s take a look at the reason and logic and not just the emotion of the argument. Sometimes we generate more heat than light.

The last twenty years have brought us a tide of sentiment into our world that recites the mantra, “Don’t judge me.”

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Messing with Marriage — Teasing a Tiger

tigerMy daughter and I visited the Lincoln Park zoo recently. As we approached the tiger pen, I looked with amazement at the lengths the zoo went to in order to keep the tigers and people separated. A small fence separated by a tall fence, separated by a large mote. All so we could enjoy the majesty and glory of the tiger without experiencing his destructive power. It reminded me of the boys in San Francisco who relentlessly teased a tiger at the zoo until she surprised them by jumping out of her enclosure and attacked. Continue reading “Messing with Marriage — Teasing a Tiger”

To Catch a Thief


One of the greatest things I’ve ever learned is that sin – trying to get your needs and desires met apart from God’s will – steals the very thing you seek. Every sinful action is a losing transaction, it gives you a dime’s worth of pleasure but steals a dollar’s worth of your life. Pornography is a perfect example. Experts from various worldviews are coming to see this epidemic as harmful. Sadly, many of the girls I work with are resigned to a porn addicted man. Continue reading “To Catch a Thief”