“Because I said so!” Translated

Learning to Speak Adult

As a child, I made a list of things I would not do when I became a parent. One of those despised things was using the dreaded phrase,  “Because I said so!”   But sure enough, it has slipped through my lips on more than one occasion.

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Three Strategies for Raising Kids with Character

As a father of four kids, I want to address a great need in our world — kids with character.

I want my children to achieve greatness with their life. Kim and I have pushed them to succeed academically. We have encouraged each of them to flourish in an art and a sport. Many parents want their students to flourish in these ways, however, if they lack character, their success in other areas will leave them deeply flawed. Our nation doesn’t need any more educated brats or athletic punks. Our culture creates a challenging environment that feeds the narcissistic lusts of human nature making it a challenge to raise kids with character.

There are, however, some strategies to help you guide them in their character development.

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Leader or Not…Here You Come!

Boys and wood

As a pastor for the last couple of decades, I have worked with hundreds of families. I have learned from great men and women who gave great examples of leadership in their homes. I have also had a front row seat to the pain and generational chaos resulting from poor leadership. Continue reading “Leader or Not…Here You Come!”