Trust me, I’m lying. Christmas and Fake News.

 Fake news is in the news this year. It’s being blamed for the Trump election and the general dumbing down of our populous. But fake news isn’t new.

 Not long after the birth of Christ, the Magi came to Herod’s palace just outside of Bethlehem to inquire as to the whereabouts of the newborn king.

 Herod, attempted to assassinate the Christ-child through an act of subterfuge and deception. He claimed he wanted to “worship” him as well. Joseph was warned in a dream and fled to Egypt fulfilling a long-standing prophecy about the Messiah.

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America! If I Could Give You One Gift for Your Birthday

Happy birthday, America! You have changed a lot over my lifetime. Quite a bit over the last few years actually. If I could give you a gift this year it would be to restore something that has been lost – the prophetic voice of the Christian church.

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Expecting More From the Next Generation

Is it time to rethink our children and work? Adam LaRoche, a major league baseball player, just turned down $13 million dollars to play for the Chicago White Sox because they told him he couldn’t bring his 14 year old son to work with him as much anymore.

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“Because I said so!” Translated

Learning to Speak Adult

As a child, I made a list of things I would not do when I became a parent. One of those despised things was using the dreaded phrase,  “Because I said so!”   But sure enough, it has slipped through my lips on more than one occasion.

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A Birthday Wish for America

Dear America,

Happy 239th Birthday! You’ve been an interesting and unique experiment. Your first birthday was marked by a Declaration that laid the foundation for a nation unlike any other. Those signers of your first birthday card founded you upon the idea that rights came from God and the role of government was to preserve them for the people. Your peers thought that rights came from the rulers, kings, emperors and dictators. What a difference that idea makes.

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An Open Letter from a Young Predator

Dear Reader,

I never set out to become a predator. It just seemed to happen. Looking back on it I can see where key attitudes developed and some experiences solidified my perspective and honed my abilities. I don’t excuse what I did. I’m learning that God made me to protect and provide for those I care about.  But it takes time to retrain a person.

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Remembering the Sword of Peace

One day swords will be plows. Lions will lay with lambs and peace will rule. Until that day we have the sword of peace. God has given our fallen world three institutions to help steward each generation: The church, the family and government. He has given each of these a sphere of authority.

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Discriminate? Judge?

With the recent events in Indiana and Arkansas regarding discrimination let’s take a look at the reason and logic and not just the emotion of the argument. Sometimes we generate more heat than light.

The last twenty years have brought us a tide of sentiment into our world that recites the mantra, “Don’t judge me.”

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Of Graves and Shadows

When I became a young man I desired to be dad. Something in me wanted to impart life-giving truths to the next generation. I wanted someone on my shoulders seeing farther than I did.  I however, never anticipated the moment I would find myself upon a hill in our family forest, digging a grave.  I dug and chopped through frost and root-laden soil to bury our long-time family friend, our golden retriever, Montana.

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You Mad, Bro? The Key to Dealing with Anger

 I’ve recently run across more and more angry people. People that on the outside you wouldn’t think struggle with it. Our society is trying deal with an increasing level of domestic violence.  I have a history of anger that kind of ambushed me. There were times when I would be going along just fine and then BAM! Someone would do or say something that would trigger an angry outburst.  After I settled down I asked myself, “Where did that come from?” Years later, I’ve learned where it came from and how to deal with it so it doesn’t control my life and motivate me to do things I will regret later. Here’s what I’ve learned.

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