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Would you Like More Pro-vision for your Vision?

I was tired of asking, “What could our ministry do for God if we just had the money?” After serving in various church leadership positions over the past twenty years, I set myself to discover God’s principles of ministry, wealth creation, tithing, church funding and financial freedom. When I learned, and implemented these, our church and other organizations I led experienced record financial growth in the midst of America’s worst economy in a generation.

We saw our tithing increase, expanded ministries, added staff, sent missionaries around the world. These are universal financial principles that apply in every country in the world. These principles work for small and large churches alike. They work in rich or and impoverished areas.

What I learned I want to share with you.  Most pastors and church leaders either feel intimidated or do not feel equipped to teach on money. Through the information on this website and our podcast and other resources, I want to see God bring increase to your vision. I never want to see any dream God gives you go unfunded.

I want God’s people to understand that God has created them to steward and rule spheres of influence under God. Part of this is bringing increase with their gifts and talents. God has given us the ability to increase and create wealth. Most Christians have little idea how to do this to their fullest potential.

God has given us over 2,350 verses on money, possessions, economics, stewardship and financial increase.

God is unfolding a redemption plan and he has included provision as a part of his plan.  I created Kingdom Capital to help the body of Christ understand the economics of the Kingdom and to help Christian leaders teach their people how to generate wealth and to help resource God’s dreams.

I’m tired of God’s people living ignorant to God’s economic principles while their lives and the work of God suffering for it. God has given us all we need to see his dreams come true. My goal is to see us all become, “rich in every way so we can be generous on every occasion.” (2 Corinthians 9:11)

Kingdom Capital is designed to equip leaders in five key areas:

               Achieving Financial Freedom and Wealth Creation

               Best Practices for Increasing Church Income


               Economic Justice and Anti Poverty Strategies

               Entrepreneurial Leadership/Business a Mission