I designed this resource to aid local church leaders in answering the questions this generation is asking. As a 20 year flight instructor and 20 year pastor, I noticed a difference in the way the church teaches and the way industries teach when lives are on the line.

This generation is looking for answers, pastors need to equip the saints to live out their lives outside the walls of their church. Traditional shallow questions and answers don’t cut it anymore. The culture has changed, the questions that the previous generations asked are not the same as the one’s being asked today. The students in your church are growing up in a hostile environment to their faith. Are they equipped to deal with it?

With so many students leaving the faith unequipped to deal with the lies of their world, I needed to change something. I took the teachiCarey in 767ng style I learned in flight school coupled with what I learned from inoculation theory and began teaching the Bible like it really matters. For more on this, listen to the two lessons: Apologetics in the Local Church and How to Teach the Bible Like it Really Matters. 

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As I finished my Masters in Apologetics from Biola University, I put this resource together to help equip church leaders, pastors, youth pastors and teachers. These truths need to be taught where students live! I’ve included some of our Truth Academy lessons, a number of sermons (including an Easter sermon), resources we use on our men’s canoe trip and much more. All of these are tested at the local church level. You can get a good sense of what I included in the zip drive by looking at the screen shots I’ve taken of the files. To purchase a kit click here:

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