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I have seen God bless our church financially through Michigan’s toughest economy. In the last few years, Living Hope’s missions giving has gone up 29% and total giving has gone up 17% since 2009.  During this season of financial contraction, Living Hope has added missionaries, increased salaries, remodeled their building acquired new properties and funded new ministries.

 I developed the Creating Kingdom Capital Kit to help Christian leaders address the financial needs of the great commission.  In my over twenty years of ministry serving in various leadership roles and on boards I found what we talked about as leaders too often came back to what could we do if we just had the money.  There are people I know that are ready at this moment to leave all they know to take the good news to people who have never heard, but they are waiting on the provision for their vision. Too many of God’s dreams go un-funded. This should not be..God has given us a plan for funding His work, the church needs to get back to that plan.

     It’s our goal to train leaders in the principles of Biblical economics and the best practices for resourcing their visions.  We created the Kingdom Capital kit to help fulfill that goal.

When you order the kit, you will receive the latest strategies, tools and tactics that led to record breaking financial blessing during the worst economy in a generation. I have taken his passion for the great commission and Biblical economics and produced this valuable resource for church and business leaders.

The Kit includes:

  •  90 minute seminar given to pastors in Michigan during very tough economic times. We’ve included the powerpoints and notes for the seminar. This alone is worth the price of the kit. In addition you will receive:
  • Fifteen financial sermons covering subjects from wealth creation to generosity and the great commission. 
  • Five sermons emphasizing missions and a global vision.
  • 70 stories and sermon illustrations about work, money, poverty and more.
  •  We give you our Tithe Guarantee that we use to help alleviate fear in taking that first step in tithing.
  • We give you sample giving letters to show you how we use our facts, faces and focus to help encourage our givers and more.
  • We give you 26 weeks of offering exhortations complete with scripture references and sample prayers.
  • Ruby Payne’s ground-breaking study on working with those in poverty.

For a limited time, I’m offering this resource completely FREE. I want to see the local church flourish and increase their capacity to fulfill God’s dreams!

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