Wealth Creation


God has given you the ability to produce wealth. And you can GROW in this ability. Yet, too many people face income stagnation because they don’t know what to do. In this three part audio resource plus corresponding e-book, we give you insight into:

  • Why income levels stagnate
  • The four part process that prepares you for increase
  • What four areas of your life that must be managed in order to become more productive.
  • Five mistakes people make in setting goals
  • Fifteen secrets to breaking through to new levels of income.

Invest in yourself! You can learn how to breakthrough to new levels of income generation!  Cost — We have three donation levels, $1, $9.97, $19.97 (The retail price). You choose the value to you.

This is a LIMITED TIME INTRODUCTORY OFFER and will change at any time.

Why would I offer this resource at such a low price? We serve people many impoverished countries. These principles will work in any area. I am making this offer so literally anyone can afford it!

I want to see God’s kingdom grow!

As a BONUS FEATURE we are including a powerful audio resource on the Power to Create Wealth which details the three ways wealth is created. 

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