Six Great Reasons to do Art

coverforblogIn order to make the most out of our artistic experiences, we need to first find the purpose for our art. Why do we create.


The first reason centers on how we relate to God—communion with the One who gave us the talent. Art can be for the sheer enjoyment of creating. We create as an act of partnering with God to bring forth something new. As you create, you should also commune. Allow the Holy Spirit of God to inform and inspire your creativity. Put on music that brings you into the presence of God, and be aware of the presence of God while you create. As a parent, I love to watch my kids use their gifts, whether it’s on the athletic field or in artistic expression or an academic exercise. God loves to commune with us when we use the gifts he has given. Learn to sense his presence during the creative process and you will grow deeper in your relationship with him.

Art has tremendous power to facilitate great connections with God. The largest book in the Bible is a book of songs. The temple of the Lord was adorned with various sculptures and artisans decorated the priestly vestments with beautiful thread. Many of these expressions were designed to enable encounters with God. Keep in mind these were not idols, but rather tools of expression to assist in communion with the one true God.

Personal Growth    

Learning and performing art requires discipline, focus, and determination. The world does not easily give up order and beauty. When left to itself, the world tends toward disorder. This is the law of entropy. The beauty and order in creation comes at the cost of vast amounts of information and energy programmed into it by God. As we create, it also takes energy and information. This process develops character in us. The work of creating and the discipline used to master a craft give you a tremendous personal harvest. You reap a bounty of creativity, problem solving abilities, and an appreciation for goodness, truth, and beauty.

Blessing to Humanity

God has given us two great commandments to guide our life. We are to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love our neighbor as ourselves. Out of our communion with God and seeing ourselves as God sees us (loving ourselves as valuable, talented, purposeful, and holy) we are to love our neighbor with our art. What you create should bring benefit to mankind

There are various ways you can make an impact with your art. As you create, you should look to one or more of these purposes to guide your expressions

To proclaim truth

Hilary Brand explains, “Art and beauty, like every aspect of creation, are caught up in this spiritual battle.” This battle is a battle for truth; therefore, we should use our creativity to proclaim, picture, or evoke thoughts about those things that are true. Too many artists use their imagination to express lies in colorful and creative ways.

   The Christian artist, empowered by the Holy Spirit and guided by the Scriptures, should express truth about the world as it is and as it should be in colorful and creative ways. The world is full of wonder, brokenness, beauty, and ugliness. Only the Christian can make full sense of this. As you portray the world truthfully, you will lay a trail of breadcrumbs to the person who embodied the Truth – Jesus Christ – and his work to redeem the world.

To edify

The Apostle Paul tells us we should harness the power of our communication to edify and build others up. Art is a form of communication. It takes ideas and emotion and fixes them in form. Your art can be a great tool for encouraging the broken- hearted, exciting the joyless, and giving hope to the hopeless. Use your creativity to help us see the majesty in the mundane, the glory in the grind. Help us to feel the range of emotions God has given us. Surprise us by springing wonder, mystery, and hope out of our everyday lives. Help us to see more clearly, feel more deeply, and live more purposefully. Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote,

“Earth’s crammed with heaven, fall20
And every common bush afire with God,
But only he who sees takes off his shoes;
The rest sit round and pluck blackberries.”

To create community

    Art has the power to bring people together. For centuries people have gathered around concerts, museums, and the theatre. The word symphony actually comes from the Latin, sumphōnia, meaning harmonious and together. The communicative power of art has the ability to take people from various backgrounds and ideals and draw them together to enjoy a common expression. The collaborative nature of art (especially in theatre, film, and music) takes diverse people, talent, and expertise and weaves them together into a meaningful whole.

When you create, you harness the power of art to build community. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to form collaborative groups and connect with others in meaningful ways.


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